My Pages

Save time and increase customer value by allowing tenants to access My Pages. Now the tenants can manage their agreements, pay the rent and make a service report directly in the mobile phone.

My Pages handles

Benefits with My Pages

Smoother communication with tenants

Improve and streamline communication with tenants. Avoid unnecessary phone calls, email conversations about events that the system can handle. Let the system strengthen your relationship with your tenants.

Reduce the number of late payments

By letting the tenants receive notifications when the rent should be paid, you can reduce the number of late payments without sending email reminders. The system can now take care of the reminder handling.

Increased transparency between parties

With the help of automatic status updates, notifications and reminders, the tenant gets an increased insight into their rental relationship with you as a landlord. In this way, for example, the tenant does not have to wait to receive feedback on a fault report.

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