Pigello BRF

Manage housing cooperatives, members and fees in combination with ordinary rental properties via a flexible additional module.

Pigello BRF handles

Benefits of Pigello BRF

Automatic proposal for fee distribution

In Pigello, you state the shares per condominium that form the basis for the distribution of fees. If the share figures are updated, the system provides automatic proposals for changing the fee distribution.

Easy handling of shares

Enter the shares per condominium and distribute the fees automatically. The system automatically checks that the sum is correct.

Efficient generation of broker documents

Automatically generate a broker document based on information on the condominium. Broker documents can be exported to PDF to send to brokers when selling the condominium.

Simple fee invoicing

Pigello BRF is directly connected to Pigello Rent, which means that you can automatically set up invoices for each condominium with a few keystrokes.

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