Pigello Insight

Get a deep insight into the different parts of the organization through insightful reports. Export all reports to Excel, PDF or PowerPoint.

Pigello Insight handles

Benefits with Pigello Insight

Let the system produce reports

With Pigello Insight, you can let the system provide you with all report material that you need to get a good overview, clear insight or as a material for a meeting. Avoid manual data exports and the creation process of insightful graphs, and let the system do the job.

Reports designed for different permissions

Now you can easily let the staff get reports limited to their respective areas of responsibility. The system allows permission-driven reports for users with different permissions to have access to their respective points of interest.

Export statistics and insightful reports

Now you can discover the efficiency of exporting statistics and insightful reports directly from the property management system to, for example, PowerPoint. With Pigello Insight, there is unlimited possibility for data export to both Excel, PDF and PowerPoint.

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