Pigello Parking

Manage all management of parking spots, parking agreements and rentals in an user-friendly system. Save time by streamlining the rental of parking spots for both you and your tenants.

Pigello Parking handles

Benefits with Pigello Parking

Streamline administration

By managing all parking spots in Pigello, the management of both the rental process and contract management is streamlined. Choose if you want to create separate parking agreements or link to existing lease contracts.

Digital rental process

In a secure digital environment, you can also streamline and increase the quality of the rental process. Publish vacant parking spots for marketing on a website or via My Pages and then sign agreements digitally.

Get a distinct visual overview

Discover the benefits of visual overviews of entire lots or specific parking spots. You can also make it easier for your tenants by giving them the opportunity to easily locate their rented parking spot on a map.

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