Pigello Technical management

Get full control of the technical management in one system. Manage everything from planned maintenance and reporting of regulatory requirements to inspections, remedial of fault reports or roundings.

Pigello Technical Management handles

Benefits with Pigello Technical Management

User-friendly interface

In order to be able to understand, thrive and streamline workflows, it is necessary to work with a user-friendly interface. In Pigello Technical Management, we have focused on developing an interface to make organizations less individual dependent.

Fully web-based errand management

Discover the benefits of being able to manage all kinds of errands on the web or mobile. Through a fully web-based environment, you can easily send errands and have them performed or reported wherever you are.

Mobility and flexibility

Today, large parts of our communication and consumption of information takes place in the mobile phone. Now you can also handle all administrative work connected to the technical management in your mobile. Discover the freedom with a flexible interface.

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